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Sebring Fly on the Ford

Fly on the Ford

A fully restored Tri-Motor is coming to your area. Experience air travel as it was in the Golden Age of Aviation. Book your flight today!

Dinner with Story Musgrave-“The Rest Of The “Story”

Working with Sebring EAA Chapter 1240 Youth Members building an AirCam

mile of runway

Mile of Runway

A mile of highway will take you just one mile… but a mile of runway will take you anywhere!

Aircam Parts

22,000 parts

My point in sharing this is that I have promised I would not take some of my bad habits to the EAA 1240 hangar and the AirCam build.

AirCam Youth Project Builders

This is Better than Mach 25

That was the response I heard from former NASA astronaut Story Musgrave as he walked out to take a flight in an AirCam with Phil Lockwood last Saturday afternoon.

Making the Turn

The recent US Sport Expo brought hundreds of aviation enthusiasts out to be immersed in wall-to-wall aviation activity. Thus, as you might expect, there has been increased interest in learning how to fly.


Astronaut Story Musgrave Lands in Sebring

Conversation with one of the more famous NASA astronauts who repaired the Hubble space telescope and to learn about his journey through life and all he has accomplished.

Another Aircraft Comes to EAA 1240

As my cell phone rang and I looked at the caller ID, I saw it was Roger Smith of Carter Aircraft. I have known Roger for a long time and he is the FAA certified Airframe and Power-plant mechanic that maintains our Flying Club aircraft. Recently we have had some maintenance for the aircraft like a flat tire or other minor issue, and I was thinking: “what now?”

Walking the I-Beam

The role play scenario was simple as presented to the group. I asked for a volunteer who had a young child. After finding that person, we chatted about their child, and then I set the scene. “There is a 120-foot I-beam in the parking lot, laying on the ground, that is 10 inches wide. I will give the volunteer $100 if they will step up on the beam and walk the full length without stepping off.” Will they, do it? Of course, they will. The question is, can you walk in a straight line for 120 feet?

EAA Chapter 1240 Annual Dinner with Story Musgrave

Ex-Astronaut Story Musgrave to be the featured speaker for EAA Chapter 1240 annual dinner. A Special Journey From a Dairy Farm to Space… with Ex-Astronaut Story Musgrave.

Musgrave was born on a dairy farm in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. He was in the forests alone at age 3 and by 5 floated his home built rafts on rivers. He rode combines at age 5, drove trucks and tractors at 10 and when alone in remote fields repaired them by himself. He never finished high school, but instead, ran off to Korea with the U.S. Marines where he became an aircraft electrician and engine mechanic.