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Walking the I-Beam

The role play scenario was simple as presented to the group. I asked for a volunteer who had a young child. After finding that person, we chatted about their child, and then I set the scene. “There is a 120-foot I-beam in the parking lot, laying on the ground, that is 10 inches wide. I will give the volunteer $100 if they will step up on the beam and walk the full length without stepping off.” Will they, do it? Of course, they will. The question is, can you walk in a straight line for 120 feet?

Father Son Flight

Options & Opportunities

As we stood in front of the hangar with the background sounds of aircraft taking off and landing, the father described his desires for his teenage son. We chatted about his son finding something he would do in life that would support the adage of “never working a day in your life while doing something you enjoy”. The dad hoped aviation would be the catalyst for his son’s future. We discussed the many different opportunities in aviation today.